6/11/03 - Spyimage 3.0 has been released!
SpyImage is a server-based web application that parses data from a client's SpyAmp page to produce an image.
The image is updated dynamically whenever it is refreshed or loaded.
Great for forum sigs and other such stuff.
Sourceforge page here.

Version 3.0 has been completely re-worked to feature a new, completely web based, configuration and administration.
No more nasty urls or text configuration files!
Users can login to create or edit multiple images via the web interface, then refrence them by simple urls.
Administrators can add/edit users and their images.

The general information page
The create/edit image page
The included color-wheel app

A websever capable of customized 404 pages, running php and mysql.
* It has only been tested on a linux machine running apache 1.2.x with php 4.2.x
PHP must be compiled to include GD and freetype.
Some true type fonts must be accessible to the script ( not included ).
This is not an app that can just be uploaded into some webspace.

SpyImage is licensed under the GPL - (C) 2003 web@arctec.org