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  • The U.S. has suspended some aid to Gabon after the military takeover
    Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced a "pause in certain foreign assistance programs" to Gabon pending a review of the circumstances that led to the ouster of the country's former leader.

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  • Writers will return to work on Wednesday, after union leadership votes to end strike
    The 148-day Hollywood writers strike will end just after 12:01 a.m. PT on Wednesday, thanks to a new three-year deal the Writers Guild of America made with major Hollywood studios.

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  • A fire at a wedding hall in Iraq kills at least 100 people and injures 150 more
    There was no immediate official word on the cause of the blaze but initial reports suggested fireworks at the venue may have sparked the fire.

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  • An annular solar eclipse is coming to parts of the U.S. in October
    Residents from Oregon to Texas may be able to glimpse the annular eclipse, when the moon is deep in its orbit and passes in front of the sun, creating a black circle on the star.

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  • Brooks Robinson, Hall of Fame Orioles third baseman, dies at 86
    Hall of Fame third baseman Brooks Robinson, whose deft glovework and folksy manner made him one of the most beloved and accomplished athletes in Baltimore history, has died. He was 86.

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  • Russian appeals court upholds opposition leader Alexei Navalny's 19-year prison term
    Navalny, a fierce critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, says the charges against him are politically motivated.

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  • A judge says Trump is liable for fraud in New York civil lawsuit
    Judge Arthur Engoron finds that Trump and his associates exaggerated the former president's net worth in order to complete deals and receive more financing.

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  • California is first state to levy a tax on guns and ammo to fund safety programs
    New law will impose an additional 11% in addition to federal tax. It's one of nearly two dozen gun laws signed into law on Tuesday. but Newsom acknowledges some might not survive legal challenges.

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  • Barry Manilow just broke Elvis's Las Vegas record
    Barry Manilow has just overtaken The King himself, Elvis Presley, for the most shows at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino.

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  • New California law bars schoolbook bans based on racial and LGBTQ topics
    Gov. Gavin Newsom called the new measure "long overdue," saying that the banning binge of diversity materials has to come to an end.

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  • Trump liable for fraud, judge finds in New York civil case
    Donald Trump exaggerated his net worth and asset values to get better loans, a New York judge rules.

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  • Nagorno-Karabakh: Almost 30,000 refugees have fled to Armenia
    The exodus comes as the Armenian prime minister warns of ethnic cleansing in the region.

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  • Viktor Sokolov: Russian video 'shows Black Sea fleet commander alive'
    Ukraine is "clarifying" its recent reports that Russia's Admiral Sokolov died in a missile attack on Friday.

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  • Air India flight 182: India-Canada row brings backs painful memories of 1985 bombing
    In 1985, an Air India flight exploded mid-air, killing all 329 people on board - only one man was convicted.

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  • Biden dog Commander bites another Secret Service agent
    This is the 11th time Commander has bitten a guard at the White House or the Biden family home.

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  • Hollywood writers agree to end five-month strike after studio deal
    They can return to work while they vote on whether to approve a three-year deal that offers pay rises.

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  • Canada's Speaker Anthony Rota resigns after Nazi in parliament row
    Anthony Rota resigns after praising a 98-year-old Ukrainian who fought for a Nazi unit as a "war hero".

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  • Climate change: Six young people take 32 countries to court
    They claim governments' slow action on climate change violates their human rights.

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  • Joe Biden makes history by joining UAW picket line
    Mr Biden joins striking workers in Michigan, telling them they "deserve" wage raises and concessions.

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  • Peter Nygard: Fashion mogul begins trial facing sexual assault charges
    He is also set to be extradited to the US to face charges there once his Canada cases end.

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  • Hong Kong securities regulator to name supsicious crypto players

    Tightens regulations after downfall of the brazen JPEX exchange

    Hong Kong's security regulator said on Monday that it will begin publishing a list of virtual asset trading platforms applying for an operating license, as part of the fallout from the attack on crypto platform JDEX.?

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  • Alibaba Cloud to bring its AI PaaS out from behind the Great Firewall

    Meanwhile its parent begins to break up, with float of logistics arm

    Alibaba Cloud has advanced its AI play, introducing a handful of cloud services ? some of which it will offer outside China.?

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  • LG has its own folding PC now, but good luck getting your hands on one

    The 'Gram Fold' looks limited to LG's home of Korea

    LG has become the latest hardware maker to try taking foldable screens beyond the smartphone space and into a laptop computer. But don't get too excited, folding gadget fans, this one looks like it won't be widely sold.?

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  • Cryptocoin Ponzi scheme AirBit Club co-founder jailed

    12 years behind bars, and ordered to forfeit $65m in illicit proceeds

    The co-founder of AirBit Club, a $100 million cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme, will spend a dozen years behind bars for orchestrating the international fraud and money-laundering scheme.?

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  • FCC plans to restore net neutrality rules tossed out under Trump

    Discriminatory handling of data and paid internet fast lanes could again be disallowed

    Federal Communications Commission chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel said on Tuesday that she intends to seek a vote to restore US net neutrality rules that were nixed by the Trump administration.?

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  • OpenAI could be valued up to $90 billion if deal to sell employee shares closes

    ChatGPT makers allegedly in talks with investors to let employees sell out

    OpenAI is reportedly in talks with investors to sell them shares held by the company's employees in a transaction that could boost its valuation up to $90 billion.?

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  • Report: CIA eyes building AI chatbot to rival China

    CIA, FBI and friends using AI to uncover threats? What could possibly go wrong?

    US spies are reportedly developing their own AI chatbot in a move to top China's prowess.?

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  • Bermuda, your data, Google's gonna take your US data

    Search giant's latest subsea cable will feed your YouTube addiction

    Updated Google is building a new subsea cable, due to come online in 2026, that will connect South Carolina to Portugal with a layover in Bermuda.?

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  • Twitter, aka X, tops charts for misinformation, EU official says

    In measure of fakery, Musk's social media biz has highest noise-to-signal ratio

    European Commission veep Vera Jourova said in a speech on Tuesday that Elon Musk's social media service X, formerly known as Twitter, has the highest ratio of disinformation among large social media platforms.?

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  • Amazon accused of being a monopolist in FTC lawsuit

    Khan's been waiting for years to file this case - she better hope her aim is good

    The FTC - and 17 state attorneys general - have come out swinging at Amazon with a lawsuit accusing the ecommerce giant of being a monopolist. ?

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  • Google quietly corrects previously submitted disclosure for critical webp 0-day
    Previous CVE submission failed to mention that thousands of apps were affected.

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  • Scientists just opened the lid to NASA?s asteroid sample canister
    "There is some black dust-like material that's visible. We're hoping that's from Bennu."

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  • Archaeologists: Roman soldiers used this built-in fridge to keep their wine cool
    Fragments of wine glasses, bowls and animal bones offer evidence for their last meal

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  • Anti-viral drug backfires: COVID drug linked to viral mutations that spread
    Merck's small-molecule molnupiravir linked to mutated viruses that spread in people.

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  • This week?s dead Google products: Google Podcasts, basic Gmail, and more!
    A thrilling roundup of the things Google has killed this week.

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  • FCC details plan to restore the net neutrality rules repealed by Ajit Pai
    Democrats finally have 3-2 majority needed to regulate ISPs as common carriers.

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  • In depression treatment trials, placebo effect is growing stronger
    As with placebo pills, time is making placebo magnetic stimulation more effective.

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  • EVgo knows that DC fast charging is still rough, so it?s fixing more stations
    It's a tricky thing, telling customers that your stations are far from perfect.

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  • Amazon wants to charge a subscription fee for Alexa eventually
    Amazon recently locked some of Alexa's Guard security features behind a paywall.

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  • GPUs from all major suppliers are vulnerable to new pixel-stealing attack
    A previously unknown compression side channel in GPUs can expose images thought to be private.

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