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  • 55 cultural practices added to UNESCO's list of Intangible Cultural Heritage
    More than 70 countries put forward nominations aimed at safeguarding a wide variety of diverse and unique traditions at a meeting in Botswana this week.

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  • Federal judge prohibits separating migrant families at the border
    The settlement says migrant families cannot be separated at the border for the next eight years, a policy of the Trump administration. Around 1,000 children remain separated from their parents.

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  • Ryan O'Neal, star of 'Peyton Place' and 'Love Story,' dies at 82
    The Oscar-nominated actor was known as a heartthrob from his roles on the 1960s soap opera and later hit movies. He died on Friday, according to his son.

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  • The U.S. has vetoed a Gaza cease-fire resolution in the U.N. Security Council
    The United States was the only country to vote against a resolution calling for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war.

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  • Israeli strike badly damages Gaza's oldest mosque
    An Israeli strike has badly damaged an iconic and historic mosque in Gaza. As conditions around Gaza worsen amid the offensive, Israel claims it was aiming at Hamas militants.

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  • Michigan high school shooter sentenced to Life in Prison without Parole
    A Michigan judge hands down a life without parole sentence for the teenager who shot and killed fellow students and wounded others at Oxford High School in 2021.

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  • He won his seat on council by a single vote ? which he cast himself
    Every election we're told that each vote counts. Ryan Roth, the newly-elected city council member for Rainier, Wash., is now proof that it does.

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  • How a top economic adviser to Biden is thinking about inflation and the job market
    The latest numbers show a strong picture for the U.S. economy. Yet many Americans have a pessimistic view. Here's how an adviser to Joe Biden says they're addressing that.

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  • California faces record $68 billion budget deficit, analyst says
    The nation's most populous state ? with an economy that is the fifth largest in the world ? has been struggling with the rising prices of most goods and services.

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  • Trump gag order is partially upheld in Jan. 6 case
    The appeals court ruling would allow Trump to make public statements about the special counsel in the case, Jack Smith, but not other prosecutors, court staffers or their family members.

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  • US uses veto but pressure for ceasefire is building
    Israel rejects the UN chief's description of the war in Gaza as a "risk to international peace and security".

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  • Gaza 'safe zone' for millions smaller than Heathrow
    Israel has told civilians to shelter in a "safe" zone, but people say it is not fit for people to stay in.

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  • 'The shame of being told you're inadequate by Ofsted'
    Head teachers talk frankly about the mental health impact that Ofsted inspections have had on them.

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  • Ryan O'Neal, Oscar-nominated star of Love Story, dead at 82
    The heartthrob was also known for his roles in What's Up, Doc?, Paper Moon and A Bridge Too Far.

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  • Doctor Who: Yasmin Finney on fandom, family and online trolls
    Yasmin Finney stars as a trans character in the new series after her breakout role in Heartstopper.

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  • MPs defeated at election to get help finding a new career
    Those losing their seats at the next election will get taxpayer-funded advice with landing a new job.

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  • Tyrannosaur?s last meal revealed as two baby dinosaurs
    Remains of baby dinosaurs inside another dinosaur reveal what a young predator ate 75m years ago.

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  • See 'beyond rare' white baby alligator born in US
    The reptile, measuring 49cm (19.2 inches), is reportedly one of only seven leucistic alligators in the world.

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  • France's Emmanuel Macron buffeted from all sides in row over secularism
    France's president is denounced by all sides after lighting a Hanukkah candle at the Elysée Palace.

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  • Omid Scobie: Endgame draft text to blame for royal naming error
    Omid Scobie says he included the names in an earlier version of the text of Endgame.

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  • Google's Project Ellman: Merging photo and search data to create digital twin chatbot

    'This is a brainstorming concept a team is at the early stages of exploring'

    Google is reportedly toying with the idea of using its latest Gemini AI models to analyze and, like images from Google Photos and text from Google Search to put together  a life story for users.?

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  • Competing Section 702 surveillance bills on collision path for US House floor

    End-of-year deadline looms on US surveillance

    Two competing bills to reauthorize America's FISA Section 702 spying powers advanced in the House of Representatives committees this week, setting up Congress for a battle over warrantless surveillance before the law lapses in the New Year.?

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  • Musk takes SEC 'Twitter sitter' consent decree appeal to US Supreme Court

    Same old argument about free speech ? let's see if it sticks this time

    Elon Musk's lawyers are again trying to get the world's richest man out of his "Twitter sitter" consent decree with the US Securities and Exchange Commission via an appeal to the US Supreme Court.?

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  • Microsoft to intro dedicated mode for Cloud PCs

    Latest Insider Build brings new features for Windows 365 Boot

    Microsoft has begun rolling out fresh Windows 365 Boot features, starting with its Windows Insider program.?

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  • AMD thinks it can solve the power/heat problem with chiplets and code

    CTO Mark Papermaster lays out the plan for the next two years

    Interview Semiconductors have been getting progressively hotter over the past few years as Moore's Law has slowed and more power is required to push higher performance gen over gen.?

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  • Open source forkers stick an OpenBao in the oven

    HashiCorp software faces challenge after licensing change

    The rebellion against HashiCorp for adopting a competition-limiting license for its Terraform software expanded this week, with word that The Linux Foundation aims to help hatch an open source alternative to Vault, the company's secrets management project.?

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  • Uncle Sam plows $42M into nurturing fusion breakthrough

    Experimerntal milestone needs work before it can be considered a candidate for power generation

    The US Department of Energy has released $42 million in seed funding to help research the nuclear fusion techniques successfully demonstrated at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory last year.?

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  • Datacenters feeling the heat to turn hot air into cool solutions

    It's tricky to pull off, but new rules may make reuse more common

    Datacenters generate lots of heat and myraid providers are trying to put this resource to use, but there are geographic and various practical limitations on re-purposing it.?

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  • That call center tech scammer could be a human trafficking victim

    Interpol increasingly concerned as abject abuse of victims scales far beyond Asia origins

    Human trafficking for the purposes of populating cyber scam call centers is expanding beyond southeast Asia, where the crime was previously isolated.?

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  • Messed up metadata could be to blame for Microsoft's Windows printer woes

    It looks like everything is coming up HP. Do you want some help with that?

    The curious case of the HP Smart app and unexpected renaming of printers has taken another turn, after a Reg reader pointed to broken metadata pushed out in a November Windows Servicing Stack Update (SSU).?

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  • EU agrees to landmark rules on artificial intelligence
    Legislation lays out restrictive regime for emerging technology.

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  • Revisiting the Ford Mustang Mach-E?how?s the pony EV doing 3 years later?
    This midsize crossover EV has a lot more competition than when it debuted in 2021.

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  • FDA approves first CRISPR therapy?here?s how it works against sickle cell
    The landmark treatment turns on another blood protein that prevents sickling.

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  • Apple appears to have blocked Beeper Mini?s iMessage app in less than a week
    Co-founder: "All data indicates that" Apple has cut off Beeper Mini's reverse-engineering.

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  • HP printer app is installing on PCs whether they have HP printers or not
    Appears to be a Microsoft Store bug; MS says printers should mostly still work.

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  • Apple exec departure leads to major iPhone, Apple Watch reshuffle
    Tang Tan is leaving the company, and multiple people will shift to take his place.

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  • Verizon fell for fake ?search warrant,? gave victim?s phone data to stalker
    Verizon tricked by fake cop, fake search warrant despite obvious warning signs.

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  • Stealthy Linux rootkit found in the wild after going undetected for 2 years
    Krasue infects telecom firms in Thailand using techniques for staying under the radar.

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  • Worm?s rear end develops its own head, wanders off to mate
    The butt even grows its own eyes, antennae, and brain.

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  • Reminder: Donate to win swag in our annual Charity Drive sweepstakes
    Add to a charity haul that's already raised over $14,000 in less than two weeks.

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