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  • Atlanta officer says he is not 'state's witness' in Rayshard Brooks case
    Devin Brosnan, one of the two Atlanta police officers charged in the shooting death of Rayshard Brooks, has not agreed to be a witness for the prosecution, his lawyer said on Thursday, contradicting an assertion by the lead prosecutor on the case.

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  • Facebook takes down Trump ads over 'organized hate' policy
    Facebook Inc said on Thursday it took down posts and ads run by the re-election campaign of U.S. President Donald Trump for violating its policy against organized hate.

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  • U.S. Supreme Court blocks Trump bid to end 'Dreamers' immigrant program
    The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday dealt President Donald Trump a major setback on his hardline immigration policies, blocking his bid to end a program that protects from deportation hundreds of thousands of immigrants - often called "Dreamers" - who entered the United States illegally as children.

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  • Mexico's foreign ministry says it will monitor U.S. DACA program developments
    Mexico's foreign ministry said on Thursday it would monitor the continuity of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigration program in the United States after the U.S. Supreme Court blocked President Donald Trump's bid to abolish it.

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  • U.S. Senate votes to confirm McConnell protege to influential appeals court
    The U.S. Senate on Thursday voted to confirm a federal judge who is a protege of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell to an influential appeals court in Washington.

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  • Former White House aide Bolton says Trump not 'fit' to be president
    Former top White House aide John Bolton delivered a damning indictment of his former boss, saying Donald Trump's behavior in office and dealings with foreign leaders showed he was unfit to be president of the United States.

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  • Pelosi says Trump 'ethically unfit' for presidency, will continue oversight
    U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday revelations in a book by a former top White House aide show President Donald Trump is unfit and unprepared to be president and Democrats will continue oversight of the Republican president's behavior.

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  • What is Juneteenth and how are people commemorating it this year?
    Juneteenth, an annual U.S. holiday on June 19, has taken on greater significance this year following nationwide protests over police brutality and the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks and other African Americans.

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  • What is next for immigrant 'Dreamers' after U.S. Supreme Court ruling?
    The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday ruled 5-4 against President Donald Trump's move to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that offers work permits and deportation relief to certain immigrants who came to the country illegally as children.

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  • Tesla wants to start building a new U.S. vehicle plant this summer
    Electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc wants to start building a large vehicle assembly plant in the southwestern United States as early as the third quarter of this year, the company told Texas officials in documents made public this week.

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  • Alec Baldwin 'heartbroken' over fatal film set shooting
    Director of photography Halyna Hutchins was killed by a prop gun fired by the actor in New Mexico.

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  • Alec Baldwin: What are prop guns and why are they dangerous?
    An incident involving US actor Alec Baldwin puts the spotlight on an item often used on film sets.

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  • Sunderland man comes face to face with man who raped him
    Chris Storey is waiving his right to anonymity in the hope of helping other people.

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  • Saving a million salmon and a tribe in a historic drought
    Officials destroyed dams so salmon could swim upstream. It helped preserve the livelihoods of the Hupa tribe.

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  • Texas abortion law to stay in place until Supreme Court decision
    The controversial law will be tested next month when the court holds an expedited hearing.

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  • Eswatini protests: Nurses refuse to treat police after colleagues shot
    The health workers say security forces injured 30 colleagues when they opened fire at a protest.

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  • Will Apple be the last US tech giant left in China?
    As Microsoft closes down the main version of LinkedIn, Apple looks more alone in China than ever.

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  • Robert Durst charged with murder of ex-wife who vanished in 1982
    The jailed real estate heir is facing a new second-degree murder charge, authorities say.

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  • Kerala floods: Our son was buried by mud - we couldn't save him
    The walls of three-year-old Sachu's house collapsed when it was hit by heavy rain and flooding in Kerala.

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  • Delta 'Plus' Covid variant may be more transmissible
    It may be more contagious than Delta, but there is no evidence yet that it causes worse illness, experts say.

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  • Florida man accused of breaking Mastodon's open-source license with botched social network launch

    Golf enthusiast given 30 days to cough up code

    A Florida man has been accused of breaking the copyleft license of Mastodon by running an online instance of the software without providing its source code as required.?

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  • Antitrust battle latest: Google, Facebook 'colluded' to smash Apple's privacy protections

    Amended Texas complaint alleges backroom efforts to maintain ad dominance and more

    Several years ago, to deal with the competitive threat of header bidding ? a way for multiple ad exchanges to get a fair shot at winning an automated auction for ad space ? Google allegedly hatched a plan called "Jedi" to ensure that its ad exchange always won.?

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  • Microsoft under fire again from open-source .NET devs: Hot Reload feature pulled for sake of Visual Studio sales

    Windows giant has a funny way of 'loving' Free software

    Microsoft has enraged the open-source .NET community by removing flagship functionality from open-source .NET to bolster the appeal of Visual Studio, not least against its cross-platform cousin Visual Studio Code.?

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  • It's 'near-impossible to escape persistent surveillance' by American ISPs, says FTC

    Watchdog finds dubious data gathering, illusory solicitations for consent

    The US Federal Trade Commission on Thursday said many internet service providers are sharing data about their customers, in defiance of expectations, and are failing to give subscribers adequate choices about whether or how their data is shared.?

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  • While the iPhone's repairability is in the toilet, at least the Apple Watch 7 is as fixable as the previous model

    Component swaps still a thing ? for now

    Apple's seventh-gen Watch has managed to maintain its iFixit repairability rating on a par with the last model ? unlike its smartphone sibling.?

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  • AI isn?t just about disruption. Integration is essential, too

    Learn how to take the broad view by tuning into this webcast early next month

    Sponsored We?re used to talking about the disruption AI will inevitably cause. But that disruption is predicated on AI moving into production, and that requires integration into the broader corporate infrastructure.?

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  • Better late than never: Microsoft rolls out a public preview of E2EE in Teams calls

    Only for one-to-one voice and video, mind

    Microsoft has finally kicked off the rollout of end-to-end-encryption (E2EE) in its Teams collaboration platform with a public preview of E2EE for one-to-one calls.?

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  • Recycled Cobalt Strike key pairs show many crooks are using same cloned installation

    Researcher spots RSA tell-tale lurking in plain sight on VirusTotal

    Around 1,500 Cobalt Strike beacons uploaded to VirusTotal were reusing the same RSA keys from a cracked version of the software, according to a security researcher who pored through the malware repository.?

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  • Microsoft investor urges shareholders to vote for a deep dive into pay gap and harassment policies

    More transparency and reporting needed, says Arunja Capital

    Updated Accusations of harassment and concerns over pay gaps continue to dog Microsoft as shareholders were urged by investor Arunja Capital to vote for the software giant to release transparency reports.?

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  • US drops tariff threat against nations who dished out digital taxes to American tech giants as OECD members hash out new deal

    15% tax minimum to hit tech firms

    The US government and administrations in Europe have come to an agreement that will drop the threat of tariffs in response to policies on digital services taxes (DSTs).?

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  • Luxo, Jr. and Mystique inspire novel approaches to shapeshifting materials
    Two new papers highlight promising methods for making shapeshifting structures.

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  • If you ever wanted to help find new planets, now?s your chance
    Scientists ask the public for help in figuring out which signals are real.

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  • iFixit?s Apple Watch teardown includes a theory about device?s delayed launch
    Supply challenges related to the screen may have delayed the launch.

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  • Ever wondered about the F1 safety car? We talk to its driver
    The veteran of 420 F1 races tells us about his job.

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  • Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy on Nov. 11: Cartoonier, flashier, and Game Pass-ier
    Transition from PS2 era means top-to-bottom update?plus teases on Xbox Game Pass, PS Now.

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  • FBI, others crush REvil using ransomware gang?s favorite tactic against it
    Multi-nation operation succeeds as gang member makes critical mistake.

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  • Amazon makes it easier to bring different types of silicon to Alexa devices
    Greater variety in SoCs may give products more control over things like battery life.

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  • Cardboard shortages deal another blow to strained supply chains
    And just in time for the holiday shopping frenzy.

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  • How SpaceX ignited a new Raptor engine on Starship without an explosion
    So why don't all rocket engines have giant nozzles?

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  • John Carmack pushes out unlocked OS for defunct Oculus Go headset
    Future-proofed update will let coders "repurpose the hardware for more things."

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