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  • Charlie Baker tells NPR why the NCAA agreed to the $2.8 billion settlement
    A $2.8 billion settlement reached between the NCAA and five major conferences has paved the way for schools to pay athletes directly for playing. NCAA President Charlie Baker discusses the move.

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  • Chief Justice Roberts declines a meeting with Senate Democrats
    Chief Justice John Roberts has declined an invitation to meet with top Senate Democrats over judicial ethics, citing ?separation of powers concerns.?

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  • 1.5 million adult bed rails are recalled following 2 reports of entrapment deaths
    The Consumer Product Safety Commission says users of Medline's ?Bed Assist Bars" can become entrapped within the bed rail or between the product and the side of a mattress when it's attached to a bed.

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  • Boeing promises big changes as the plane maker looks to rebuild trust and quality
    Troubled plane maker Boeing promised sweeping changes to its manufacturing operations in an action plan that was mandated by federal regulators after a midair blowout on a 737 Max jet in January.

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  • A 3rd human case of bird flu detected, this one with respiratory symptoms
    The patient got infected from exposure to dairy cows. Health officials say risk to the general public remains low.

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  • In a first, OpenAI removes influence operations tied to Russia, China and Israel
    AI tools have helped the people behind influence operations produce more content, but OpenAI says the operations it disrupted didn?t gain traction with real people or reach large audiences.

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  • Has the jury reached a verdict? What to know about day 2 of Trump trial deliberations
    The New York jurors in former President Donald Trump?s hush money trial filed back into the Manhattan criminal courthouse this morning for a second day of deliberations.

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  • This airport has never lost a bag. For one chief handler, it's all about respect
    As the summer travel season begins, thousands of bags will likely go missing. But not at one particular airport in Japan that makes a stunning claim: it has never lost a piece of luggage.

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  • RFK's voters know they're not electing the next president. They're with him anyway
    The winner of this year's presidential race could be decided by who shows up to support independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. ? and who that means they aren't voting for.

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  • Trump verdict would likely move only a small number of votes, poll finds
    A guilty or not-guilty verdict wouldn't change many voters minds, but it could make a difference for a smaller, crucial group of voters this election.

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  • Former Tory MP backs Labour at general election
    Mark Logan, who is standing down as an MP, says the Tory Party is "unrecognisable" from a decade ago.

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  • I see no reason why Diane Abbott can't stand for Labour, says Angela Rayner
    Meanwhile, Rishi Sunak is pressed on his Covid lockdown fine at a public Q&A in Buckinghamshire.

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  • Starmer left-wing purge row is not dying down, says Chris Mason
    The Labour leader is facing a backlash over claims he is freezing out left-wing election candidates.

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  • Girl, 9, critical after Hackney quadruple shooting
    The "innocent victim" was among four people hurt in a shooting outside an east London restaurant.

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  • Hundreds of phones and bags of cash: Inside the UK's biggest benefit fraud
    An organised gang falsely claimed more than 50m using a huge bank of phones and faked details.

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  • King to take part in Trooping the Colour from carriage
    An official will stand in for the Princess of Wales at an earlier ceremony as she continues chemotherapy.

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  • Pressure grows on Biden to let US weapons strike Russia
    Several Western allies have signalled they are open to Ukraine using their weapons against Russia.

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  • Trump jury resumes deliberations after testimony review on day two
    The 12 New Yorkers must reach a unanimous verdict in the first criminal trial of a former US president.

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  • Model sues over Cannes red carpet 'assault'
    Sawa Pontyjska is one of several film festival guests filmed in encounters with a security guard.

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  • Israel extends control of Gaza's entire land border
    An Egyptian source denies that tunnels used by Hamas still exist on the country's border with Gaza.

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  • Amazon Prime Air delivery drones allowed off line-of-sight leash

    Sky shipping can now go beyond visual range of operators ? starting in Texas and then maybe airspace near you

    Amazon Prime Air has received approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration to fly its package-delivery drones beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) of remote operators.?

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  • Verizon joins satellite phone party, links up to AST SpaceMobile

    Rival AT&T is also with AST, although T-Mobile went with SpaceX?s Starlink

    Verizon has become the latest telco to sign up for a satellite phone service, joining rival US operator AT&T in choosing AST SpaceMobile as its provider, even though the latter has yet to put any of its commercial satellites into orbit.?

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  • Euro cops disrupt malware droppers, seize thousands of domains

    Operation Endgame just beginning: 'Stay tuned,' says Europol

    An international law enforcement operation led by Europol has kicked off with the announcement of multiple arrests, searches, seizures and takedowns of malware droppers and their operators.?

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  • Windows 11 24H2 might call time on that old NAS under the stairs

    Avoidance of evil intent means required SMB signing and no more guest fallback

    Microsoft's Ned Pyle has issued a warning to Windows 11 24H2 users. Security has been tightened up, so attempting to access some third-party Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices or a USB drive plugged into certain routers might fail.?

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  • European Space Agency's Vega-C rocket a step closer to returning to flight

    Latest nozzle redesign means a late 2024 launch is on the cards

    The European Space Agency (ESA) is getting closer to returning its Vega-C rocket to flight following a successful test by the prime contractor, Avio, at its Italian test facility.?

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  • Salesforce expects lowest quarterly growth in two decades

    Allure of AI fails to inspire customers to increase software spending with CRM giant

    Salesforce has disappointed investors by posting revenue below expectation and forecasting sales for the next quarter at the lowest level of growth for more than two decades.?

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  • Cybercriminals raid BBC pension database, steal records of over 25,000 people

    This just in: We lost your personal info, but here's 2 years' worth of Experian

    The BBC has emailed more than 25,000 current and former employees on one of its pension schemes after an unauthorized party broke into a database and stole their personal data.?

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  • IT worker sued over ?vengeful? cyber harassment of policeman who issued a jaywalking ticket

    His hospital employer is also being sued for not stepping in sooner

    In an ongoing civil lawsuit, an IT worker is accused of launching a "destructive cyber campaign of hate and revenge" against a police officer and his family after being issued with a ticket for jaywalking.?

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  • Promising results for osteoarthritis treatments tested in space

    More work needed to translate ISS success into something that can be used on Earth

    Boffins have used conditions aboard the International Space Station (ISS) to try out treatments for posttraumatic osteoarthritis.?

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  • IBM spin-off Kyndryl accused of discriminating on basis of age, race, disability

    Five current and former employees file formal charges with US employment watchdog

    Exclusive Kyndryl, the IT services firm spun out of IBM, has been accused by multiple employees within its CISO Defense security group of discrimination on the basis of age, race, and disability, in both internal complaints and formal charges filed with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).?

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  • Washing machine chime scandal shows how absurd YouTube copyright abuse can get
    Samsung's catchy end-of-cycle jingle gets caught up in YouTube copyright drama.

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  • Framework boosts its 13-inch laptop with new CPUs, lower prices, and better screens
    Framework Laptop 13 gets its fourth major round of upgraded, modular parts.

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  • Google Cloud explains how it accidentally deleted a customer account
    UniSuper's 647,000 users faced two weeks of downtime because of a Google Cloud bug.

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  • Modern lives are messing up menstrual cycles?earlier starts, more irregularity
    Earlier and irregular periods are both linked to poor health outcomes.

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  • The 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV shows GM can make a car for the masses
    GM's latest Ultium-based EV is ready for the road.

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  • 11 years after launch, 49M people still use their PS4s, matching the PS5
    But PS5 users spend more money and gameplay time on their consoles.

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  • As bird flu spreads in cows, US close to funding Moderna?s mRNA H5 vaccine
    If trials are successful, US government likely to buy doses for vaccine stockpile.

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  • Mystery malware destroys 600,000 routers from a single ISP during 72-hour span
    An unknown threat actor with equally unknown motives forces ISP to replace routers.

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  • Fracking wastewater has ?shocking? amount of clean-energy mineral lithium
    40% of US need for lithium could be covered by Pennsylvania's fracking byproduct.

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  • The 2024 Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally proves sideways is the best way
    Ford's rally-inspired EV proves that sometimes a gimmick can be great.

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