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  • Montana judge declares 3 laws restricting abortion unconstitutional
    The decision cited a 1999 Montana Supreme Court ruling that said the state Constitution's right to privacy includes a woman's right to abortion access.

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  • Jack Teixeira expected to plead guilty in documents leak case
    The request comes almost a year after Teixeira was arrested and charged with the illegal retention and transmission of national defense information. He originally pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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  • Judge skeptical of lawsuit brought by Elon Musk's X over hate speech research
    The nonprofit sued by Elon Musk's X says the legal tactic is an attempt to silence criticism of the company. The Center for Countering Digital Hate published reports documenting hate speech on X.

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  • Iowa basketball phenom Caitlin Clark plans to forgo next season and enter WNBA Draft
    Caitlin Clark, who is on the verge of becoming the all-time NCAA scoring leader in college basketball, announced that she will leave the Hawkeyes after this season and turn pro.

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  • Putin warns of nuclear war if NATO sends troops to Ukraine
    Russian President Vladimir Putin issued explicit nuclear threats to the West, even as he assured Russians their country could both win the war in Ukraine and thrive economically.

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  • McConnell Releases His Grip On Power
    Here in the US, the average age of retirement is 61. Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky passed that birthday more than 20 years ago. And on Wednesday afternoon, he announced that while he still isn't ready to retire just yet, he will no longer lead Republicans in the Senate.

    McConnell says he still has "enough gas" in the tank to thoroughly disappoint his critics. The soon-to-be former leader intends to serve out the rest of his term which continues through January 2027.

    McConnell's Congressional career began back in 1984 when Ronald Reagan was President. The Kentucky republican has long embraced Reagan's conservatism and view of American exceptionalism.

    Today's Republican party is one Mitch McConnell played a key role in shaping. Yet as he gets ready to step down from leadership, McConnell seems out of step with the direction the party is heading.

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  • Alabama Legislature moves to protect IVF services after state court ruling
    Alabama lawmakers rushed to protect in vitro fertilization services after fertility clinics shut down in the wake of a ruling that frozen embryos are children under the state wrongful death law.

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  • How scientists are using facial-recognition AI to track humpback whales
    After being hunted for decades, humpback whales returned to the Pacific Ocean in big numbers. Now, new technology is revealing that underwater heat waves are taking a toll on that recovery.

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  • New York sues beef producer JBS for 'fraudulent' marketing around climate change
    New York state Attorney General Letitia James said the food company is misleading the public about its efforts to cut its climate pollution.

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  • Scores killed trying to get food from an aid convoy during a chaotic scene in Gaza
    Health officials in Gaza say over 100 are dead after Israeli troops fired on a crowd that was trying to pull food from the convoy. Israeli officials said the crowd had approached in a threatening way.

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  • George Galloway wins Rochdale by-election by nearly 6,000 votes
    The Workers Party candidate wins the seat in Greater Manchester, with independent David Tully coming second.

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  • This is for Gaza, says Galloway on by-election win
    George Galloway in back in Parliament after a resounding victory in the Rochdale by-election.

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  • 'More than 100' die in crowd near Gaza aid convoy
    Reports differ about how many Palestinians were shot by Israeli forces or run over by aid lorries.

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  • Suicide poison seller tracked down by BBC
    Ukrainian Leonid Zakutenko sells a type of chemical online thought to be linked to at least 130 UK deaths.

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  • Olly Alexander reveals the UK's Eurovision entry
    The star has released the UK's Eurovision entry for 2024, a pulsing club anthem called Dizzy.

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  • Sarah Everard killer should never have been police officer, says inquiry
    A Home Office-commissioned report finds Sarah Everard's killer's offending could have been prevented.

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  • 'No hearse' for Navalny as family prepares funeral
    Alexei Navalny's team say undertakers have been warned not to provide a vehicle to carry his body.

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  • 19 cash-strapped councils allowed to sell off assets to cover services
    Nineteen local authorities have been given extra flexibility to help balance their books next year.

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  • Dave Myers' wife remembers 'wonderful, brave' Hairy Bikers star
    The TV presenter and chef, one half of the Hairy Bikers, has died from cancer at the age of 66.

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  • Biden and Trump make competing trips to US border
    The two likely presidential candidates make speeches in an effort to show they can tackle illegal crossings.

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  • Meta kills Facebook News in the US and Australia

    So much for the 'commitment to support news organizations' made in just 2020

    Meta has killed its Facebook news service in the United States and Australia.?

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  • India approves its first full wafer fab ? a 28nm affair from Tata and Powerchip

    Everybody?s so happy they?re not mentioning start dates, subsidy levels, or other useful details

    India's government has approved the construction of the nation's first semiconductor wafer fabrication plant, to be built by Taiwanese foundry-as-a-service outfit Powerchip (PSMC), together with Indian giant Tata's electronics business.?

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  • Canada poutine more pressure on Google by expanding ad biz antitrust probe

    Court order means ad giant will have to cough evidence of possible market manipulation

    It has not been a great week for Google's Ad business. After being served a ?2.1 billion lawsuit in Europe, Canadian regulators have expanded an investigation into whether it abused its market position to quash rival platforms.?

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  • GitHub struggles to keep up with automated malicious forks

    Cloned then compromised, bad repos are forked faster than they can be removed

    A malware distribution campaign that began last May with a handful of malicious software packages uploaded to the Python Package Index (PyPI) has spread to GitHub and expanded to reach at least 100,000 compromised repositories.?

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  • The Who?s Who of AI just chipped in to fund humanoid robot startup Figure

    $675 million to accelerate development of machine that can lift, but can?t keep up with humans

    If you thought blue collar jobs were safe from AI, think again. Robotics startup Figure aims to replace millions of workers with its humanoid automatons and has just received $675 million in funding to accelerate development.?

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  • Elon and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad legal week

    Workers allege discrimination, missing payments

    To say Elon Musk's business empire is having a week of legal woe may be an understatement, after filings revealed yesterday suggest his social network X and electric car outfit Tesla both face potentially expensive court battles.?

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  • Turns out cops are super interested in subpoenaing suspects' push notifications

    Those little popups may reveal location, device details, IP address, and more

    More than 130 petitions seeking access to push notification metadata have been filed in US courts, according to a Washington Post investigation ? a finding that underscores the lack of privacy protection available to users of mobile devices.?

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  • White House goes to court, not Congress, to renew warrantless spy powers

    Choose your own FISA Section 702 adventure: End-run around lawmakers or business as usual?

    The Biden Administration has asked a court, rather than Congress, to renew controversial warrantless surveillance powers used by American intelligence and due to expire within weeks. It's a move that is either business as usual or an end-run around spying reforms, depending on who in Washington you believe.?

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  • Electronic Arts frags hundreds of workers 'to grow fandom'

    Dating app Bumble also finds breaking up is easy to do for a third of its crew

    It's been a bad week to work in the video game industry. First Sony closed its London studio and cut staff, and now Electronic Arts is letting workers go.?

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  • Chinese 'connected' cars are a national security threat, says Biden

    No Chinese automakers sell cars in the US, but the feds are still going to investigate whether they're a threat

    Concerned over the chance that Chinese-made cars could pose a future threat to national security, Biden's administration is proposing plans to probe potential threats posed by "connected" vehicles made in the Middle Kingdom.?

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  • For Virgin Galactic, becoming profitable means a pause in flying to space
    Virgin Galactic has just one more flight planned for its only operational spaceship.

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  • Gastrointestinal disease explodes in Ala. elementary school; 773 kids out
    Highly contagious norovirus is the leading suspect; four other area schools affected.

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  • Emulation community expresses defiance in wake of Nintendo?s Yuzu lawsuit
    "EmuDev" coders cite precautions, legal differences they say will offer protection.

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  • Study finds link between marijuana use and cardiovascular disease
    Researchers call for more studies to understand why they're linked.

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  • HP wants you to pay up to $36/month to rent a printer that it monitors
    "Never own a printer again."

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  • AI-generated articles prompt Wikipedia to downgrade CNET?s reliability rating
    Futurism report highlights the reputational cost of publishing AI-generated content.

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  • Tesla must face racism class action from 6,000 Black workers, judge rules
    Black factory workers can sue Tesla collectively; trial set for October 2024.

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  • HDMI Forum to AMD: No, you can?t make an open source HDMI 2.1 driver
    Linux users can't hit the same resolutions and speeds as Windows?or DisplayPort.

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  • 2024?s first big Windows 11 update extends Copilot?s capabilities, does other stuff
    Grab bag of updates is mostly available now, rolls out automatically in April.

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  • Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip 6 renders show off a few design tweaks
    Both foldables should be announced in July sometime.

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