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  • Atlanta officer says he is not 'state's witness' in Rayshard Brooks case
    Devin Brosnan, one of the two Atlanta police officers charged in the shooting death of Rayshard Brooks, has not agreed to be a witness for the prosecution, his lawyer said on Thursday, contradicting an assertion by the lead prosecutor on the case.

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  • Facebook takes down Trump ads over 'organized hate' policy
    Facebook Inc said on Thursday it took down posts and ads run by the re-election campaign of U.S. President Donald Trump for violating its policy against organized hate.

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  • U.S. Supreme Court blocks Trump bid to end 'Dreamers' immigrant program
    The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday dealt President Donald Trump a major setback on his hardline immigration policies, blocking his bid to end a program that protects from deportation hundreds of thousands of immigrants - often called "Dreamers" - who entered the United States illegally as children.

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  • Mexico's foreign ministry says it will monitor U.S. DACA program developments
    Mexico's foreign ministry said on Thursday it would monitor the continuity of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigration program in the United States after the U.S. Supreme Court blocked President Donald Trump's bid to abolish it.

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  • U.S. Senate votes to confirm McConnell protege to influential appeals court
    The U.S. Senate on Thursday voted to confirm a federal judge who is a protege of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell to an influential appeals court in Washington.

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  • Former White House aide Bolton says Trump not 'fit' to be president
    Former top White House aide John Bolton delivered a damning indictment of his former boss, saying Donald Trump's behavior in office and dealings with foreign leaders showed he was unfit to be president of the United States.

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  • Pelosi says Trump 'ethically unfit' for presidency, will continue oversight
    U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday revelations in a book by a former top White House aide show President Donald Trump is unfit and unprepared to be president and Democrats will continue oversight of the Republican president's behavior.

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  • What is Juneteenth and how are people commemorating it this year?
    Juneteenth, an annual U.S. holiday on June 19, has taken on greater significance this year following nationwide protests over police brutality and the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks and other African Americans.

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  • What is next for immigrant 'Dreamers' after U.S. Supreme Court ruling?
    The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday ruled 5-4 against President Donald Trump's move to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that offers work permits and deportation relief to certain immigrants who came to the country illegally as children.

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  • Tesla wants to start building a new U.S. vehicle plant this summer
    Electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc wants to start building a large vehicle assembly plant in the southwestern United States as early as the third quarter of this year, the company told Texas officials in documents made public this week.

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  • Beirut explosion: Donors pledge aid for Lebanon but want reform
    The pledge comes at an emergency online summit in response to Tuesday's devastating Beirut blast.

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  • Coronavirus: Trump signs relief order after talks at Congress collapse
    The measures include pay for millions of jobless but some are likely to face legal challenges.

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  • Blast 'sent me flying across the room'
    Staff at a barber shop rocked by the Beirut explosion say they're haunted by flashbacks.

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  • Coronavirus: Brazil passes 100,000 deaths as outbreak shows no sign of easing
    The Covid-19 outbreak shows no sign of easing but cities have already reopened shops and restaurants.

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  • Mauritius oil spill: Locals scramble to contain environmental damage
    The MV Wakashio, which ran aground on a coral reef on 25 July, is now leaking oil off the island.

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  • Niger: French tourists among eight killed by gunmen
    They were in a region which attracts visitors who want to see the last herds of giraffe in West Africa.

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  • Coronavirus: New Zealand marks 100 days without community spread
    The prime minister hails the milestone as "significant", but warns against complacency.

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  • Greece floods: At least five killed after Evia island storms
    Officials say an eight-month-old baby was among those killed in flooding on the island of Evia.

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  • Belarus election: President Lukashenko faces toughest test in years
    Large protests and an ex-teacher thrust into politics have shaken up a normally predictable process.

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  • BBC apologises over racial slur used in news report
    Director general Tony Hall apologises a day after Radio 1Xtra DJ Sideman quit over use of the slur.

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  • Whoops, our bad, we just may have 'accidentally' left Google Home devices recording your every word, sound, sorry

    Plus: Microsoft to dump support for Cortana on iOS, Android phones

    In brief Your Google Home speaker may have been quietly recording sounds around your house without your permission or authorization, it was revealed this week.?

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  • What happens when holes perfect for spyware are found in the engine room of millions of Qualcomm-based phones? Let's find out

    Start the clock on those patches ? they'll be coming any day, week, month soon

    DEF CON In July, the makers of millions of smartphones powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon system-on-chips received mitigation recommendations to address a bevy of security flaws in their products, all introduced by Qualcomm's technology.?

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  • How did you spend your time at university? Pizza, booze, sleeping? This Oxford student is snooping on satellites

    Bug-hunter details how his team slurped data? IN SPAAAAACE

    DEF CON FYI, if you didn't already know: readily available satellite TV electronics can be used to sniff and inspect satellite internet traffic.?

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  • Just like when you 'game over' two seconds into a new level... Facebook launches Gaming app without games on iOS

    Zuck, Google, Microsoft platforms barred from Apple's iOS software souk

    Facebook, Google, and Microsoft ? suspected or convicted monopolists ? are being thwarted from offering their respective game services by another tech giant facing scrutiny for anti-competitive behavior: Apple.?

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  • Have I Been Pwned to go open source ? 10bn credentials, not so much, says creator Hunt

    Heavy burden for one valiant man to carry, and it needs sharing

    Credential breach website Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) will be going open source, site creator and maintainer Troy Hunt has told the world.?

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  • Let arbitrator decide on auto-enrolling membership lawsuit

    This is not a matter for the San Diego court, says digital family history service

    Springer of unwelcome family tree surprises and favorite of investigative genealogy hunting uncles everywhere, has tried to invoke an arbitration clause to fight off a 77-page false advertising lawsuit accusing it of violating California auto-renewal laws.?

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  • Apple faces further iPhone 12 supply chain woes, per famed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

    Taiwanese optics suppliers in the frame, reportedly

    Apple forecaster Ming-Chi Kuo has reported some supply chain issues for the firm's upcoming entry-level iPhone 12, with camera lenses from one supplier seemingly raising quality concerns.?

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  • UK puts 200m on table for dynamic purchasing system to supply public sector with AI

    Don't worry, your job's safe... we think

    The UK government hopes to set up a dynamic purchasing system to help Blighty's public sector buy artificial intelligence services, with an estimated 200m on the table over four years.?

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  • British Army does not Excel at spreadsheets: Soldiers' newly announced promotions are revoked after sorting snafu

    Those who won lost; those who lost won

    Red faces abound within the British Army after an Excel spreadsheet cock-up led to a number of soldiers being wrongly promoted.?

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  • The sun is shining, the birds are singing. You can shut the curtains and tour The National Museum of Computing in VR

    We don't have to go... outside... to have a good time, oh no

    It's a beautiful day in old Blighty, hotter even than former party capital Ibiza in the Mediterranean. Are you going to go outside??

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  • Real Genius turns 35?celebrating this cult classic is a moral imperative
    The 80s comedy has stood the test of time, even inspiring a 2009 Mythbusters episode.

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  • Three algorithm-less streaming sites revive the wacky Web from days of yore
    "Keeping the good Internet alive"?one open sourced, algorithm-less site at a time.

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  • Chinese hackers have pillaged Taiwan?s semiconductor industry
    Operation Skeleton Key has stolen source code, SDKs, chip designs, and more.

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  • Snapdragon chip flaws put >1 billion Android phones at risk of data theft
    There's no word on when Google and phone makers will incorporate fix from Qualcomm.

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  • Science, history, and purring cats: Brief podcasts for the nerdy set
    In at least one podcast's case, put your phone on your chest, hit play, and unwind.

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  • COVID-19 won?t impact climate much, but economic recovery could
    Pollution reductions too short-lived, but where do we want to go after?

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  • The quest to liberate $300,000 of bitcoin from an old ZIP file
    A few quintillion possible decryption keys stand between a man and his cryptocurrency.

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  • Bill Gates on COVID-19: Most US tests are ?completely garbage?
    Gates on vaccines, Trump, and why social media is ?a poisoned chalice.?

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  • In a consequential decision, Air Force picks its rockets for mid-2020s launches
    "I am very confident with the selection that we have made today."

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  • Appeals court rules 10-a-page charge for court documents is too high
    Appeals court charts a middle course between the plaintiffs and the government.

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