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  • Actor Jonathan Majors was arrested for assault in New York City
    Police were called to a domestic dispute in an apartment Saturday morning. Majors was charged with assault, strangulation and harassment. A representative for Majors said he "has done nothing wrong."

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  • Putin says Russia will station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus
    Putin said the plan was in response to Britain's decision this past week to provide Ukraine with armor-piercing rounds containing depleted uranium.

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  • Mexican children's comic Chabelo dies at 88
    Xavier López, a Mexican children's comic better known by his stage name "Chabelo," hosted the Sunday variety show En Familia con Chabelo for an astonishing 48 years from 1967 to 2015.

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  • Photos show the devastation caused by the deadly Mississippi tornado
    The destructive tornado killed at least 23 people, leveled buildings and left thousands of customers without power.

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  • Congress revisits approval for Iraq invasion, recalling change of heart on Vietnam
    In terms of domestic politics, the Iraq War followed the trajectory of the Vietnam War, which also relied on a resolution supporting the use of military force that Congress passed and later repealed.

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  • An airplane-sized asteroid will pass between the Earth and moon's orbits Saturday
    The asteroid 2023 DZ2 will pass at a distance of over 100,000 miles, less than half the distance between the Earth and the moon. It's about 160 feet long ? about the size of an airplane.

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  • GEO Group sickened ICE detainees with hazardous chemicals for months, a lawsuit says
    The Social Justice Legal Foundation says one of the country's largest private prison operators knowingly exposed ICE detainees to the disinfectant HDQ Neutral.

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  • You asked about bats, pets, immunity and other hot viral topics! We've got answers
    In response to our series on spillover viruses, you had many questions: from the role of climate change to possible benefits. We turn the mic to you for a special edition of 'Hidden Viruses.'

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  • A music school uniting Syrian and Turkish cultures survives the massive earthquake
    A handful of students return to a school in Gaziantep, Turkey, that seeks to help revive old Syrian and Turkish music and integrate refugees.

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  • Intel co-founder and philanthropist Gordon Moore has died at 94
    Moore also made his famous observation, now known as Moore's Law, three years before he helped start Intel in 1968. It said the capacity and complexity of integrated circuits would double every year.

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  • Mississippi tornado kills 26 and brings devastation to US state
    The storms have killed 26 and devastated rural towns, with Rolling Fork almost completely wiped out.

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  • Trucks piled on buildings as tornado hits Mississippi
    Drone footage captures the devastation after a tornado hits Rolling Fork, Mississippi.

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  • Putin: Russia to station nuclear weapons in Belarus
    The US Defense Department says it does not believe Russia is preparing to use the nuclear weapons.

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  • Halt Israel legal reform, urges defence minister
    Yoav Gallant's call comes as Israelis opposed to the changes hold further nationwide mass rallies.

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  • 'God, guns and Trump': Thousands turn out for Texas rally
    As Donald Trump stares down a potential arrest, it is business as usual at his campaign rally.

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  • Kamala Harris Africa trip: Can US charm offensive woo continent from China?
    US Vice-President Kamala Harris embarks on a tour of the continent amid fierce competition for influence.

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  • No Ukraine offensive without more weapons ? Zelensky
    There has been talk for some weeks of Ukraine launching a spring offensive against Russian forces.

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  • French police clash with water reservoir protesters
    The unrest follows weeks of protests against President Emmanuel Macron's pension reforms.

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  • Chabelo: The Mexico TV legend who became a meme
    Xavier López Rodriguez's squeaky-voiced character sparked many an internet meme.

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  • Principal resigns after Florida students shown Michelangelo statue
    One Florida parent complained Michelangelo's iconic statue amounted to pornography.

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  • How Arm aims to squeeze device makers for cash rather than pocket pennies for cores

    I am altering the deal, pray I don?t alter it any further

    Analysis The rumors and whispering of Arm substantially hiking its fees, right as an IPO looms, just won't go away.?

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  • RIP Gordon Moore: Intel co-founder dies, aged 94

    'Impossible to imagine the world we live in today ... without his contributions'

    Intel co-founder Gordon Moore has died, the microprocessor giant confirmed this evening. He was 94.?

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  • Utah outlaws kids' social media addiction, sets digital curfew

    Age verification, a private right to sue Big Tech ... thinking of the children or political points?

    To protect children, Utah Governor Spencer Cox on Thursday signed two bills aimed at "holding social media companies accountable."?

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  • Microsoft scrambles to fix Windows 11 'aCropalypse' privacy-battering bug

    All your previously Snipping Tool cropped images aren't, basically

    Microsoft is said to be preparing to fix the high-profile "aCropalypse" privacy bug in its Snipping Tool for Windows 11.?

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  • Barred from US tech, Huawei claims to have built its own 14nm chip design suite

    Beijing's Made in China drive fueled by Washington's export crackdowns

    Huawei has reportedly completed work on electronic design automation (EDA) tools for laying out and making chips down to 14nm process nodes.?

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  • CISA unleashes Untitled Goose Tool to honk at danger in Microsoft's cloud

    Not a headline we expected to write today

    American cybersecurity officials have released an early-warning system to protect Microsoft cloud users.?

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  • Oracle reportedly making job cuts at health IT arm Cerner

    OCI is much more efficient than the acquired Cerner DCs, Ellison told investors

    Oracle is set to make a number of job cuts at Cerner, the electronic health records company it acquired last year, as its shift workloads to its cloud infrastructure.?

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  • Matthew Brown Companies confirms it's in funding talks with Virgin Orbit

    Back to work on Monday? Branson and co still fighting to get funding

    SpaceX and OpenAI backing venture capitalist Matthew Brown, of Matthew Brown Companies, has confirmed that his group is in funding talks with space biz Virgin Orbit.?

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  • Forget general AI, apparently zebrafish larvae can count

    Numerical abilities could be a hardwired, ancient feature of the developing vertebrate brain, study suggests

    Researchers in Italy have discovered newborn zebrafish possess the ability to count, suggesting numeracy may be hard-wired into the vertebrate brain.?

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  • GitHub publishes RSA SSH host keys by mistake, issues update

    Getting connection failures? Don't panic. Get new keys

    GitHub has updated its SSH keys after accidentally publishing the private part to the world. Whoops.?

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  • The fight to expose corporations? real impact on the climate
    Most carbon emissions caused by businesses are hidden from sight.

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  • Garmin?s Forerunner 955 review: Still king for runners and cyclists
    Garmin proves once again that it's the only choice for serious athletes.

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  • Rising seas will cut off many properties before they?re flooded
    Along the US coasts, many properties will lose access to essential services.

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  • Fallout 4 mod uses voice AI to add sensible reactions, more RPG-like choices
    More than 300 lines added for cannibals, lunkheads, and other role-players.

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  • Two more dead as patients report horrifying details of eye drop outbreak
    EzriCare and Delsam products have been recalled, but outbreak is expected to grow.

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  • Microsoft wins battle with Sony as UK reverses finding on Activision merger
    Microsoft/Activision merger closer to approval as UK drops Call of Duty objection.

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  • ChatGPT gets ?eyes and ears? with plugins that can interface AI with the world
    Plugins allow ChatGPT to book a flight, order food, send email, execute code (and more).

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  • New value for W boson mass dims 2022 hints of physics beyond Standard Model
    ATLAS result contradicts Fermilab's exciting hint of physics beyond Standard Model in 2022.

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  • Huge collection of vintage Apple computers goes to auction next week
    Ars picks out some of its favorites from the 500-computer collection.

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  • Dealmaster: Savings on Galaxy and Pixel phones, desktop PCs, and more
    The best Android smartphone is now discounted by as much as 25%.

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