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  • Global shares hit by tech problems and Brexit snags
    World stock markets fell on Wednesday, as hopes faded that a Brexit deal would be wrapped by next week and a profit warning from Texas Instruments pulled down tech shares.

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  • China factory production key as Tesla reports third-quarter results
    Tesla Inc is conducting trial production runs at its new $2 billion China factory for the past several weeks and will sell some of the first cars from the plant to its employees, sources told Reuters.

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  • Lion Air families told 737 MAX design flaws linked to deadly crash
    Mechanical and design issues contributed to the crash of a Lion Air 737 MAX jet last October, Indonesian investigators told victims' families in a briefing on Wednesday ahead of the release of a final report.

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  • Pentagon chief visits Iraq as U.S. troops withdraw from Syria
    U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper arrived in Baghdad on Wednesday, where he is likely to face questions about how long U.S. troops withdrawing from northeast Syria will stay in Iraq.

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  • Russia warns Syrian Kurdish YPG must pull back or face Turkish army
    Russia warned Syrian Kurdish YPG forces on Wednesday they face further armed conflict with Turkey if they fail to comply with a Russian-Turkish accord calling for their withdrawal from the entire length of Syria's northeastern border with Turkey.

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  • Russia says oil sites in Syria should be controlled by Damascus: RIA
    The Syrian government should get back control of all oil facilities in the north-east of the country, the RIA Novosti news agency cited Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs as saying on Wednesday.

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  • Turkey to re-evaluate plan for NE Syria observation posts: sources
    Turkey will re-evaluate its plan to establish 12 observation posts in northeastern Syria, Turkish security sources said on Wednesday after Ankara and Moscow struck a deal calling for a Kurdish militia to withdraw from the border area.

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  • EU moves towards Brexit delay as PM Johnson seeks election to break impasse
    EU leaders should delay Brexit after Prime Minister Boris Johnson paused legislation on his deal following a parliamentary defeat, EU Council President Donald Tusk said on Tuesday, as Britain spins towards a possible election to break the impasse.

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  • Russia, Turkey reach deal to remove Kurdish YPG from Syria border
    Syrian and Russian forces will deploy in northeast Syria to remove Kurdish YPG fighters and their weapons from the border with Turkey under a deal agreed on Tuesday which both Moscow and Ankara hailed as a triumph.

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  • Iran welcomes any steps that secure stability in Syria
    An agreement between Russia and Turkey to deploy their forces in northeast Syria was a positive step towards securing stability in the country, Iran's foreign ministry said on Wednesday.

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  • Trump impeachment: US envoy condemns 'irregular' pressure on Ukraine
    Ties between the two allies were undermined for "political reasons", a top diplomat tells Congress.

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  • 39 bodies found in lorry container east of London
    The driver, a 25-year-old man from Northern Ireland, has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

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  • Johnson to seek vote if EU offers long Brexit delay
    It comes as Boris Johnson "pauses" his Brexit bill after MPs reject his fast-track Commons timetable.

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  • Paralympian ends life through euthanasia
    Belgian Paralympian Marieke Vervoort ends her own life through euthanasia at the age of 40.

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  • Far-right 'Proud Boys' jailed over New York City clash with anti-fascists
    Two members of the group get four-year sentences for assaulting left-wing activists a year ago.

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  • Chile protests: Piñera announces welfare package
    The welfare package includes an increase in the basic pension and a rise in minimum wage.

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  • Kim Ji-young, Born 1982: Feminist film reignites tensions in South Korea
    The book was hailed as one of the most important feminist novels in Korean - but also led to outcry.

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  • Mark Parker: Nike boss to leave role after Oregon Project is closed down
    Nike announce chief executive Mark Parker will step down from the role next year, just weeks after the company's Oregon Project was closed down.

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  • Turkey Syria offensive: Erdogan and Putin strike deal over Kurds
    The "historic" accord backs Turkey's operation to remove Kurdish forces from the area.

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  • Hong Kong formally scraps extradition bill that sparked protests
    The extradition bill is formally withdrawn by the legislature but the move is unlikely to quell unrest.

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  • Everything must go as school IT supplier Gaia Technologies' £5.7m debt burden revealed

    Firm £1m in arrears with single creditor and owes HMRC £886k

    Documents filed at Companies House reveal the scale of Gaia Technologies' debt burden, which led a major creditor to push the Bangor-based school tech supplier into administration.?

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  • US customers kick up class-action stink over Epson's kyboshing of third-party ink

    It's a tale as old as time

    Epson is facing a class-action suit from disgruntled US punters sick of being told what sort of ink cartridges to put in their machines.?

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  • It's Orphan Data in Backup Hell: No, it's not a Netflix series about storage admins...

    ... it's a consequence of production use of containerised apps

    Interview Thanks to your local DevOps team, containerised applications are heading for production environments. However, this can be the beginning of a world of hurt for storage admins.?

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  • Voice-activated AI in the enterprise? Let?s have a nice chat about that over breakfast next month

    We?d love to hear from you at our Nuance-powered morning briefing

    Promo When it comes to voice-powered systems in the enterprise, there?s one surefire way to work out if it?s for you: talking through the benefits and challenges with a room full of your peers.?

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  • Inside the 1TB ImageNet data set used to train the world's AI: Nude kids, drunken frat parties, porno stars, and more

    Creators tried to stop us looking through it. We saw a copy anyway. Now it's being scrubbed clean

    Special report ImageNet ? a data set used to train AI systems around the world ? contains photos of naked children, families on the beach, college parties, porn actresses, and more, scraped from the web to train computers without those individuals' explicit consent.?

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  • Deepfakes, quantum computing cracking codes, ransomware... Find out what's really freaking out Uncle Sam

    We sat through this 90-minute committee hearing so you didn't have to

    Vid The US House Committee on Homeland Security grilled a panel of experts to understand how foreign adversaries could weaponise emerging technologies like AI and quantum computing in cybersecurity.?

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  • Messed Western: Vuln hunters say hotel giant's Autoclerk code exposed US soldiers' info, travel plans, passwords...

    Details of military personnel and trips leak online from poorly secured AWS service

    A security team for review site vpnMentor, led by Israeli researchers Noam Rotem and Ran Locar, recently found a publicly accessible AWS-hosted database owned by Autoclerk, a reservation system recently acquired by Best Western Hotels and Resorts Group.?

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  • Luke, I am your father... which is why I must eject from JEDI decision, says US Defense Sec

    Top brass beams aboard from $10bn IT brouhaha as it emerges son works for IBM

    The US military?s controversial JEDI cloud contract has seen another strange twist: the US Secretary of Defense has stepped back from the project as it emerged his son works for one of the bidders for the $10bn winner-takes-all deal.?

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  • Bezos DDoS'd: Amazon Web Services' DNS systems knackered by hours-long cyber-attack

    Distributed assault hampering connectivity for websites, apps, customers are warned

    Updated Parts of Amazon Web Services were effectively shoved off the internet today ? at times breaking some customers' websites ? after the cloud giant came under attack.?

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  • Hell hath GNOME fury: Linux desktop org swings ax at patent troll's infringement claim

    Rather than settle and make pain just go away, project wants to send a message instead

    After being hit with a patent-infringement lawsuit last month, the GNOME Foundation has fired back with a counterclaim ? and urged the courts to dismiss the case.?

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  • Microsoft?s DreamWalker VR turns your daily commute into a totally different one
    It guides you through real environs while immersing you in virtual ones.

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  • Elon Musk sends tweet via SpaceX?s Starlink satellite broadband
    Musk tests service at home as SpaceX aims to offer broadband in US by mid-2020.

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  • Facebook must face $35B facial-recognition lawsuit following court ruling
    Facial recognition: far from perfect, increasingly everywhere.

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  • After court loss, Ajit Pai complains about states regulating broadband
    Pai is mad, but FCC repeal of net neutrality pushed states to fill regulatory gap.

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  • Study casts doubt on value of WHO?s ?gaming disorder? diagnoses
    "Dysfunctional gaming" seems to be more symptom than cause of psychological issues.

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  • Nikon Small World microscopy contest: We?re all winners
    This year's Nikon Small World images are just as mind-blowing as the rest.

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  • Dealmaster: Get a spare Xbox One controller for your Xbox, PC, or iPad for $40
    Plus tons more deals on USB-C chargers, headphones, Amazon devices, and more.

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  • Robo-tank? Army picks contenders for robotic combat vehicle competition
    Robotic Combat Vehicle-Light competition aims for prototype tests by next year.

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  • Google Fi will soon connect you to two LTE networks at once
    Quickly hop between your top two MVNO networks thanks to dual SIM support.

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  • How Flagstaff, Arizona, switched to LEDs without giving astronomers a headache
    The bluish light is efficient but worse for preserving dark skies.

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