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  • JPMorgan beats profit estimates but shows signs of pressure
    JPMorgan Chase & Co reported a quarterly profit that beat estimates on Tuesday as higher interest income and consumer lending offset lower activity at its trading desks.

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  • House moves to condemn Trump for attacks on minority congresswomen
    President Donald Trump pressured fellow Republicans on Tuesday to stand with him and vote against a symbolic measure condemning his racially charged attacks on four Democratic congresswomen.

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  • Senate Republican McConnell says debate not be about personal attacks
    U.S. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday public debate should be on ideas, not personal attacks, in his first public remarks on a controversy touched off by President Donald Trump's racially charged attacks on four Democratic congresswomen.

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  • Trump says 'a lot of progress' made with Iran to defuse crisis
    U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday "a lot of progress" had been made toward ending a volatile stand-off with Iran, with his top diplomat saying Tehran had signaled willingness to negotiate over its disputed ballistic missile program.

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  • Global stocks fall, U.S. yields rise on retail sales data
    A gauge of global equities fell on Tuesday and U.S. Treasury yields climbed as a stronger-than-anticipated report on retail sales raised the possibility the Federal Reserve could move towards a less dovish stance.

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  • U.S., Mexico set talks amid tension over new curbs on asylum-seekers
    The chief diplomats of Mexico and the United States plan to meet on Sunday for talks about a new U.S. rule restricting asylum applications from Central American migrants that would burden Mexico's already-overwhelmed refugee agency.

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  • Von der Leyen secures powerful EU executive top job
    Germany's Ursula von der Leyen secured European parliamentary approval on Tuesday to become the first female European Commission president after she won over socialists and liberals with her vision of a greener, fairer and rule-based Europe.

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  • Von der Leyen says she will work with any new British leader
    The next head of the European Union's executive, Ursula von der Leyen, said on Tuesday she would work "in a constructive way" with any new British prime minister.

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  • Lagarde resigns as IMF chief, cites more clarity on ECB post
    International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde announced on Tuesday she had submitted her resignation from the global lender, saying she had more clarity about her nomination to be the next head of the European Central Bank.

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  • Germany's Merkel hails her ally's move to Brussels
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel congratulated her long-standing ally Ursula von der Leyen on Tuesday on being confirmed as European Commission president, hailing the current German defense minister as a committed European.

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  • Trump: I don't have a racist bone in my body
    The US president hits back after his controversial attack on four minority Democratic congresswomen.

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  • What Americans make of Trump 'go back' tweets
    Some in the US state of Virginia are appalled by the president?s tweets about lawmakers - but others stand by him.

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  • Trump's asylum crackdown: Will the 'safe third country' plan work?
    The US president is bringing in new rules for asylum seekers but critics deem it illegal and dangerous.

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  • Christine Lagarde resigns as head of IMF
    It comes ahead of a decision on Ms Lagarde's nomination to become head of the European Central Bank.

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  • Back in time inside Tehran?s captured US embassy
    The BBC has been given rare access inside the country as tensions with the United States and its allies increase.

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  • Von der Leyen elected EU Commission head after MEPs vote
    The German will become the first female president of the European Commission, after a close vote.

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  • Eric Garner: No charges against officer in 2014 chokehold death
    Garner's last words, "I can't breathe", became a rallying cry for police brutality protesters.

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  • Conjoined twins: How doctors separated twins joined at the head
    Exclusive access to Great Ormond Street as surgeons worked to separate two girls who shared a skull.

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  • Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency attacked at Senate hearing
    The tech giant's Libra digital currency is attacked by senators who say the company is not trusted.

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  • Trump bans family planning clinics from abortion referrals
    The Trump administration says federally funded clinics must stop referring women for abortions.

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  • It just wasn't meant toupee: Bloke nicked at Barcelona Airport with ?30k of blow under wig

    The worst drug-smuggling attempt we've ever seen

    Hats off to Spanish customs at Barcelona Airport who spotted a Baldrick-level attempt to smuggle cocaine into the Catalan capital.?

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  • An email arrives. It's from the boss. Subject: Hybrid Cloud. You gulp. You get the cloud ? but what's this 'hybrid' bit?

    Your gentle introduction to this on-and-off prem tech

    Backgrounder The move to hybrid cloud is growing.?

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  • Maybe double-check that HMRC email? UK taxman remains a fave among the phisherfolk

    And Windows XP is alive and not well in the public sector

    The UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has had another busy year trying to disrupt cybercrime.?

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  • 'I AM NOT PUTTING UP WITH THIS SH*T' Mike Lynch raged at salesmen

    Ex-Autonomy CEO continues to deny Filetek was a revenue-pumping contra deal

    Autonomy Trial London's High Court has seen emails from ex-Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch in which he berated company salespeople for "a massive f***-up" after they bungled a major deal.?

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  • 50 years ago today Apollo 11 slipped the surly bonds of Earth to put peeps on the Moon

    Mind that pocket, Neil... oops

    On 16 July 1969, Apollo 11 launched from Kennedy Space Center's Launch Complex 39A in Florida on an eight-day mission to the Moon and back.?

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  • Ex-Which? bod's 3bn Safari sueball has second shot at Google over UK data laws

    It's the Safari Workaround ? and there's no working around it this time

    The man who tried and failed to run a not-a-data-protection-class-action-honest-guv lawsuit against Google in England's High Court is having another crack at it in the Court of Appeal.?

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  • Dear chip designers: It will no longer cost you an Arm and a leg to use these CPU cores (well, not at first, anyway...)

    Take a RISC, not a RISC-V, with us, says Softbank's processor design house

    Attention, chip designers. If you want to add CPU and GPU cores, and other technology, from Arm to your homegrown silicon, and have balked at the upfront costs, this may be of interest.?

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  • IBM drags Websphere devs towards Kubernetes with Kabanero package

    Big Blue sings an Appsody to make its software stack easier to use

    IBM is the latest to pile into devops darling Kubernetes, pulling its Kabanero project out the bag at the O?Reilly Open Source Software conference, currently under way in Portland, Oregon.?

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  • Patch now before you get your NAS kicked: Iomega storage boxes leave millions of files open to the internet

    API blunder exposes data, fix incoming from Lenovo

    Lenovo is emitting an emergency firmware patch for Iomega NAS devices after the network-attached storage boxes were discovered inadvertently offering millions of files to the internet via an insecure software interface.?

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  • Bulb smart meters in England wake up from comas miraculously speaking fluent Welsh

    Nid fi yw'r bwlb mwyaf disglair yn y canhwyllyr

    Smart meters in England are suddenly switching to Welsh language displays, much to the confusion of owners.?

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  • No exomoons yet, but we may have spotted a disk that will form them
    Plus there's a weird feature that we can't explain at this point.

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  • Minecraft Earth?s closed beta: This augmented reality needs more augmenting
    Microsoft's cute, polished answer to Pokemon Go is interesting, but unfinished.

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  • Tesla cuts prices and simplifies its product line
    The federal tax credit for Tesla vehicles declined by $1,875 on July 1.

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  • Dealmaster: The best Prime Day tech deals from retailers besides Amazon
    Including deals on Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Carbon, a Switch bundle, and more.

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  • American kids would much rather be YouTubers than astronauts
    Becoming an astronaut ranked last among five professions.

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  • Measles is killing more people in the DRC than Ebola?and faster
    "Frankly, I am embarrassed to talk only about Ebola," WHO director-general says.

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  • SpaceX nears completion of Dragon investigation, has a ?good path forward?
    "Through this process, we will continue to learn things that will help us fly safer.?

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  • Ajit Pai?s new gift to cable companies would kill local fees and rules
    Cities can't use cable authority to charge broadband fees, Pai says.

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  • Twitter is changing to be more like mobile app
    One site to rule mobile and desktop, with modular code that adapts to client.

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  • Lawrence of Arabia takes on Rasputin in first trailer for The King?s Man
    Director Matthew Vaughan explores early 20th-century origins of fictional spy agency.

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