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  • Solemn service to mark 20th anniversary of Columbine High massacre
    A week-long series of events commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre culminates on Saturday with a remembrance ceremony celebrating the lives of the 13 victims slain in the rampage.

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  • Mexico warns of 'deep concern' over armed groups on U.S. border
    Mexico said on Saturday it had "deep concern" about armed groups that intimidate and extort migrants on the border, shortly after the ACLU and Democratic senators called for a probe into such citizen efforts to block migrants from crossing.

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  • Pope leads Catholics into Easter with vigil Mass
    Pope Francis led the world's Roman Catholics into Easter at a vigil Mass in St. Peter's Basilica on Saturday night, urging the faithful to live not for transient things like wealth and success but for God.

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  • Egypt votes in referendum that could keep Sisi in power until 2030
    Egyptians voted on Saturday in a three-day referendum on constitutional changes that could allow President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to stay in office until 2030 and boost the role of the powerful military.

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  • Yellow vest demonstrators, police clash in Paris
    Clashes broke out between dozens of demonstrators and police in Paris on the 23rd Saturday of yellow-vest protests after authorities warned that rioters could return to the French capital to spark a new wave of violence.

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  • Thai navy boards cabin of fugitive 'seasteaders' facing death penalty
    The Thai navy on Saturday boarded the floating cabin of a fugitive U.S. citizen and his Thai girlfriend, both prominent members of the "seasteading" movement who possibly face the death sentence for setting up their offshore home.

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  • UK police say total of climate activists arrested passes 750
    More than 750 climate change activists blocking roads at some of London's most famous landmarks have been arrested over the last six days, police said on Saturday, up from a Friday total of 682.

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  • Northern Ireland leaders urge calm as police arrest two over journalist's killing
    Two men have been arrested in Northern Ireland over the killing of a journalist during a riot, police said, with politicians calling for calm after the shooting added to concerns about the stability of the region's 21-year-old peace deal.

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  • Afghan communications ministry attacked, seven killed
    At least seven people were killed in an attack on the Afghan communications ministry in central Kabul on Saturday, breaking months of relative calm in the capital and underlining the continued security threats despite efforts to open peace talks with the Taliban.

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  • Vulnerable House Democrats tread carefully in wake of Mueller report
    Vulnerable House Democrats, mindful of President Donald Trump's continued strength among Republican voters, are using caution in how they respond to the special counsel's report, which detailed Trump's efforts to thwart the investigation into Russian efforts to help him win the White House.

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  • Sudan crisis: Cash hoard found at al-Bashir's home
    Prosecutors launch an inquiry after cash in several currencies is found at Omar al-Bashir's residence

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  • Agent Orange: US to clean up toxic Vietnam War air base
    The operation, unveiled more than four decades after the end of the Vietnam War, will cost $183m.

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  • Syria war: Kosovo brings back 110 citizens including jihadists
    More than 100 Kosovans, including mothers, children and several suspected IS fighters, are flown home.

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  • Ku Klux Klan killing: Wife admits murder of Missouri leader
    Malissa Ancona is sentenced to life in jail for shooting her husband, Frank, in Missouri.

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  • Yellow vest protests: Paris police fire tear gas at demonstrators
    Police in the French capital fire tear gas as a number of motorbikes are set on fire by protesters.

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  • Teenagers arrested over N Ireland killing
    The journalist was shot as she was observing rioting in Londonderry on Thursday night.

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  • Kabul attack: Seven killed at Afghan ministry of information
    Four civilians and three police officers were killed in the attack, which officials say is now over.

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  • Blind Japanese sailor completes non-stop Pacific voyage
    Mitsuhiro Iwamoto, 52, is said to be the first visually impaired person to make the 8,700-mile trip.

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  • Adele splits from husband Simon Konecki
    The best-selling UK artist and mother of one got married in 2016, after five years of dating.

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  • Man City back on top
    Manchester City return to the top of the Premier League table as Brighton edge three points clear of the drop.

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  • Wannacry-slayer Marcus Hutchins pleads guilty to two counts of banking malware creation

    'I regret these actions and accept full responsibility for my mistakes'

    Marcus Hutchins, the British security researcher who shot to fame after successfully halting the Wannacry ransomware epidemic, has pleaded guilty to crafting online bank-account-raiding malware.?

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  • Defense against the Darknet, or how to accessorize to defeat video surveillance

    Boffins from Belgium break people recognition software with a colorful placard

    A trio of Belgium-based boffins have created a ward that renders wearers unrecognizable to software trained to detect people.?

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  • Not one of the 12 steps: Rehab patients' details exposed in publicly visible database

    Researcher disturbed at availability of very personal data

    More than two years of billing records from a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center were made freely available on the internet, a security researcher has discovered.?

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  • Double trouble for Lyft after share price drop sparks class action lawsuits claiming hype

    Rideshare company lied about market share, claim investors

    Rideshare company Lyft has been hit with two class action lawsuits by investors who claim the company lied about its market share.?

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  • UK comms watchdog mulls 5G tweaks: Operators want moooooar power

    Oh and remove the guard bands, would you Ofcom?

    Ofcom is amenable to technical tweaks that mobile operators have requested to 5G rules, launching a consultation yesterday.?

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  • Aussies, Yanks may think they're big drinkers ? but Brits easily booze them under the table

    Isssh nothing to be proud of, hic, hic. Shame again pleesh

    The top ten per cent of Australia?s boozy population downs more than half of the alcohol consumed in the country, according to new research ? and the Brits are even worse.?

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  • Strong-willed field support op holds it together during painful customer call

    Are you... Are you sure that we make this machine, sir?

    On Call Roll up, roll up, to the best part of your day, nay, your week ? On Call, where Reg readers share Eureka moments and gleeful memories in tech support.?

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  • Hands off Brock! EFF pleads with Google not to kill its Privacy Badger with its Manifest destiny

    It's not hard, we just need some coding tweaks to make sure Privacy Badger stays sane

    In an effort to discourage Google from breaking or hobbling content blocking and privacy Chrome Extensions, the Electronic Frontier Foundation on Wednesday presented the Chocolate Factory with a modest wish list [PDF] to guide the company's ongoing API revision.?

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  • Old-school cruel: Dodgy PDF email attachments enjoying a renaissance

    Let's go back... way back

    The last few months have seen a big increase in malware attacks using PDF email attachments, according to security firm SonicWall.?

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  • We've read the Mueller report. Here's what you need to know: ?? ?? ??? ??????? ????? ??? ?? ????? ???????? ?????

    Trump predicted he was 'fucked' ? but he hadn't reckoned on ??????????

    Analysis It's 448 pages of which roughly 50 have been blacked out.?

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  • You?re not getting enough sleep?and it?s killing you
    A neuroscientist captivates the audience at TED 2019.

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  • Review: Santa Clarita Diet S3 blends slapstick, satire with genuine heart
    Series closes S3 on a cliffhanger amidst uncertainty about its renewal by Netflix

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  • Review: The indestructible humanity of A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World
    C.A. Fletcher's novel explores how loyalty remains even after society falls.

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  • These are the best new vehicles of the 2019 New York International Auto Show
    American auto shows are in decline, but we still found a few things to excite.

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  • The hydrogen fuel strategy behind Nikola?s truck dream
    Water electrolysis, not methane reformation, will drive heavy-duty refueling plan.

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  • Marcus Hutchins, slayer of WannaCry worm, pleads guilty to malware charges
    Hutchins once proclaimed his innocence. Now he admits he created the Kronos bank trojan.

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  • Reverse review bomb? AC: Unity draws praise for Notre Dame preservation
    Average Steam user score shifts from "Mixed" to "Very Positive" in recent days.

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  • New automation features are coming to macOS in Shortcuts?but not for every app
    Screen Time is also headed for macOS 10.15, a report says.

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  • This little electric car is the coolest thing at the NY Auto Show
    Genesis has to put its new concept electric car into production.

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  • Surprise! Satellites show that thermometers don?t lie
    If anything, Aqua satellite data actually shows slightly more warming.

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