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  • Trading operations stung banks in fourth quarter but dovish Fed fuels hope
    Big trading operations were a thorn in the side of the top U.S. banks in the fourth quarter as fears about global growth sent credit markets into a tailspin, but a "dovish" turn from the Federal Reserve may mean the drama is over for now.

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  • Morgan Stanley quarterly profit more than doubles
    Morgan Stanley's fourth-quarter profit more than doubled from a year earlier when it recorded a $1 billion tax charge due to changes in the U.S. tax law.

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  • In Argentina crisis, firms do everything to cut costs - except fire workers
    Like many Argentine businessmen, Marco Meloni is doing everything he can to avoid laying off staff at his textile factory despite a slump in sales, more than 70 percent interest rates and soaring utility bills.

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  • Exclusive: British Lotus cars to be 'Made in China' at new Geely plant: documents
    The Chinese owner of Lotus plans to start producing the British sports car brand in China for the first time with the opening of a new 9 billion yuan ($1.3 billion) factory in Wuhan city, company job advertisements and government documents showed.

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  • Stocks turn red, pound finds some peace
    Concern over China's economic outlook and possible U.S. tariffs on European cars dragged stocks lower on Thursday, while an anti-climactic end to the latest chapter in the Brexit saga offered sterling a moment's peace.

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  • U.S. legislation steps up pressure on Huawei and ZTE, China calls it 'hysteria'
    A bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers introduced bills on Wednesday that would ban the sale of U.S. chips or other components to Huawei Technologies Co Ltd [HWT.UL], ZTE Corp or other Chinese telecommunications companies that violate U.S. sanctions or export control laws.

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  • U.S. Army vows to fix 'broken' housing at Fort Meade in wake of Reuters report
    The commander of one of the largest Army bases in the United States promised residents to fix a ?broken? housing system in which maintenance lapses by a private landlord left military families in homes with health and safety hazards.

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  • Last 19 missing after deadly Nairobi hotel attack now accounted for: Red Cross
    Nineteen people still missing two days after a Somali militant attack on a Nairobi hotel and office complex that killed 21 people are now accounted for, the Kenyan Red Cross said on Thursday.

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  • Kenya Red Cross: everyone missing after hotel attack now accounted for
    The Kenya Red Cross said on Thursday that all people missing after an attack on a Nairobi hotel complex had now been accounted for.

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  • 'Not the greatest crisis': Trump's EPA pick downplays climate threat
    U.S. President Donald Trump's new pick to run the Environmental Protection Agency told lawmakers on Wednesday he does not believe climate change is a major crisis, and would continue to undo Obama-era emission limits if confirmed.

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  • Brexit: Theresa May pushes for cross-party consensus
    The PM meets MPs to try to break the Brexit stalemate - as a vote on any revised plan is pencilled in for 29 January.

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  • Alternative ways to break Brexit deadlock
    Cancel Brexit, hand the decision to backbenchers or members of the public - or get the Queen involved?

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  • Kenya attack: Nine arrests over bloody DusitD2 hotel siege
    At least 21 people were killed when al-Shabab militants stormed the luxury Nairobi hotel complex.

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  • Ahmed Hussein-Suale: Ghana journalist shot dead
    Undercover journalist Ahmed Hussein-Suale worked on several reports that were broadcast by the BBC.

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  • Vice-president's wife Karen Pence to teach at anti-LGBT school
    The second lady will teach art at a Christian school that bans gay employees, students and parents.

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  • US government shutdown: Six ways it could end
    As both sides refuse to back down, here are the ways we might still see an end to the shutdown.

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  • Vice-President Pence says IS defeated despite Syria attack
    US Vice-President Mike Pence made the claim on the same day as an apparent suicide bombing in Manbij.

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  • Democrats ask Trump to delay State of the Union speech
    Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggests Mr Trump submit his annual address in writing instead.

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  • Larry Nassar case: Michigan State University head John Engler resigns
    The head of Michigan State University resigns over remarks on the Larry Nassar abuse scandal.

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  • Netflix's Bird Box film contains footage of Lac-Megantic disaster
    Two Netflix productions used stock images of the Lac-Megantic rail disaster in a fictional context.

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  • Cortana and Search to innovate separately in an amicable Windows 10 Insider split

    Microsoft introduces the Schrödinger Linux Subsystem. (It might work. It might not.)

    Hot on the heels of a patch for the version of Windows 10 that Microsoft hopes will undo the woes of 2018 comes a fresh insider build to break stuff just a few days before the company's bug bash.?

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  • Happy Thursday! 770 MEEELLLION email addresses and passwords found in yuge data breach

    Now is a good time to get a password manager app

    Infosec researcher Troy Hunt has revealed that more than 700 million email addresses have been floating around ?a popular hacker forum? - along with a very large number of plain text passwords.?

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  • Diplomat warns that tech industry has become a pawn as politicos fight dirty

    They see AI, cybersecurity as 'battle fronts' - and rising populism will make it worse - former UN official

    Oracle OpenWorld Technology and cyber security will be the "battle fronts" of global competition, and artificial intelligence will become crucial to the US-China trade war, a former UN official has said.?

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  • Most munificient Apple killed itself with kindness. Oh. Really?

    Why the battery story doesn't add up

    Analysis Apple?s iPhone slump may be down to the company?s generosity and kindness - according to Apple-friendly blogger Jon Gruber.?

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  • Having AI assistants ruling our future lives? That's so sad. Alexa play Despacito

    It's Amazon how quickly these monopolies begin

    Column At the annual spectacular of crap that we optimistically term the Consumer Electronics Show, I found myself locked into a room with Alexa.?

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  • South Korea says mystery hackers cracked advanced weapons servers

    No idea who could have been behind this one...

    The South Korea Ministry of National Defense says 10 of its internal PCs have been compromised by North Korea unknown hackers .?

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  • Three quarters of US Facebook users unaware their online behavior gets tracked

    You mean they are collecting our opinions to sell ads? Who would have guessed it?

    Most Facebook users have no idea that the ad biz compiles data profiles of their online activities and interests, according to research conducted by the non-profit Pew Research Center.?

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  • Do you feel 'lucky', well, do you, punk? Google faces down magic button patent claim

    Israeli company was 'feeling lucky' but lost out

    Google has won a patent dispute over its famous "I'm feeling lucky" button that immediately connects a user to its top-raking search link with a single click.?

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  • $24m in fun bux stolen from crypto-mogul. Now he fires off huge fraud charge. Like, RICO, say?

    Lawsuit claims coin thief was part of a gang targeting crypto whales

    The victim of a $24m cryptocurrency heist is suing his assailants in what is believed to be the first ever RICO claim involving digital currency.?

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  • RIP 2019-2019: The first plant to grow on the Moon? Yeah, it's dead already, Chinese admit

    The poor cotton seedling froze to death as temperatures plunged during the lunar night

    The budding cotton seed hailed as the first plant to ever grow on the Moon, has, erm, died.?

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  • Hacked and dumped online: 773 million records with plaintext passwords
    Widely circulated "Collection #1" was used in automated credential stuffing attacks.

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  • It?s the drag that helps the humble hagfish slime predators so quickly
    Hagfish can produce one liter of slime in mere fractions of a second.

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  • System has four stars and a planet-forming disk oriented vertically
    Orbital mechanics sometimes produces unusual results.

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  • Next Windows 10 version will let you search without Cortana?s involvement
    Cortana is seeing a productivity focus; search is being unified with Office 365.

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  • Tesla sells a new wall charger, Maryland backs away from big EV charging program
    An electric-vehicle transition requires places to plug in.

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  • Report: DOJ pursuing criminal charges against Huawei for theft of tech
    Huawei stole robotic tech from T-Mobile, according to a civil jury.

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  • Apple loses patent case appeal, owes VirnetX $440M in FaceTime dispute
    With VirnetX's patents ruled invalid, Apple has vowed to take case to Supreme Court.

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  • Unity clarifies ToS changes, welcomes back ?unsupported? SpatialOS
    ToS update comes with "commitment to being an open platform."

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  • Netflix reveals Space Force comedy series before Trump gets real thing approved
    This marks Carell's first starring TV role since his seven seasons on The Office.

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  • Stop and Shop grocery chain to begin offering ?store on wheels? service
    Driverless grocery stores will let customers "shop at their doorsteps."

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